Restaurant Loans and Financing – Chicago

The Shop Your Bank team of Restaurant experts have over decades of Restaurant lending expertise and are considered to be one of the leading experts in the country. 

Few people can finance a restaurant out of pocket.  Traditional lenders tend to view restaurant loans as a risky investment and may require you to cut through a lot of red tape to get the Restaurant loan that you need. Shop Your Bank is able to obtain funding for your restaurant with a team of experts that can very quickly identify what kind of Restaurant loan that will work best for your unique lending needs. From start to finish we do it all.


How can you use a restaurant loan?


Equipment purchases, Repair and Upgrades

Business owners can use a restaurant loan to purchase or repair the equipment needed to get their business started, or keep their existing restaurant running smoothly with needed repairs or upgrades to their equipment. Should there be an increase in demand, a restaurant equipment loan can be used to purchase additional equipment to meet those needs.

Purchase Supplies

A restaurant loan can provide the funds you need to assure your restaurant remains stocked with the ingredients and product needed for your food and beverage needs.  This can also include funding to pay staff to work in your restaurant.


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